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One Mom's Perfect Imperfection: So Long, Insecurity

One Mom's Perfect Imperfection

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12 March 2010

So Long, Insecurity

I've recently become a member of BlogFrog, a great online blogging community. While browsing around in there, I hopped into Kate's community and found that she was starting an online bible study on Beth Moore's book, So Long, Insecurity. I'm a huge Beth Moore fan and a long time follower of her blog, Living Proof Ministries. I think she is truly an amazing woman; a huge inspiration in my life. As for the book, I had heard of it, seen the discussions going on within Beth Moore's blogging community but quite honestly didn't think it pertained to me. I have always considered myself a confident woman with good self-esteem, self-worth. But someone who knew her limits - at least that's what I chalked them up to be. Limits. Anyhow, I was simply excited to see a bible study and immediately felt pulled to join in. I rushed out and bought the book the next day and began reading, elated to get involved in a conversation of any kind with other Christian ladies. So what if the book really didn't have much to offer me? I don't have any insecurities. Now, those of you that have a close relationship with God are probably laughing your tails off right this moment. Have I learned nothing about how God works in our lives? Right. I don't have any insecurities. Let the lesson begin....

After reading Chapter One, I immediately recognized that my "limits" are hidden insecurities. Insecurities that I have not faced, but have buried deep and gotten really comfy and cozy with over the years. As Beth Moore would say, we're friends. And Insecurity, you've been a bad friend. I am realizing that I've been afraid to try all sorts of new things for fear of looking like a fool or not being good at it. How many great things have I missed out on because of this? I'm terrified of making bad choices for my kids. I worry about how clean my house is and what it looks like if someone stops by unexpectedly. I worry how my children act out in public and if they act out how people perceive me as a mother. My husband and I worry constantly about financial security and making sure we have ample savings in times of crisis. And most recently, I am recognizing that I have a HUGE worry over what kind of friends I'm allowing into my life. All of these things are insecurities. And they need to go. I'm listening, God. Teach me.

I am thrilled to have found this group of women at BlogFrog and am eager to delve further into this study. I highly recommend the book for anyone experiencing any kind of insecurity and your always welcome to jump into the discussion at Living Proof Ministries or at Blog Frog!

On another note, thanks to all my new followers and for all the beautiful comments you've left!

Happy Friday everyone!

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