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One Mom's Perfect Imperfection: November 2009

One Mom's Perfect Imperfection

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11 November 2009

Happy Veterans' Day!

My sincerest thanks goes out to all service men and women who have served our country - past, present and future. I could not do what you do for our country. I daily take for granted my freedom and the sacrifices made for that freedom. I am eternally grateful for each and every one of you. God bless you and God bless America!


10 November 2009

Freedom of Speech or No?

Former Miss California, Carrie Prejean is back in the news today for a "sex tape" that has surfaced. I hadn't really paid much attention to past stories about this beauty queen because I didn't really care. But as I sipped my coffee this morning and half listened to the Today Show, something caught my attention - not the part about the "sex tape". This woman was in the middle of Miss USA controversy when asked a question about the state of California legalizing gay marriage and did she believe that other states should follow suit. She answered honestly, stating that she believed that marriage should be only between a man and a woman. This honest answer cost her the crown and stripped her of her title, Miss California. Now, I'm not interested in whether or not you personally believe gay marriage is right or wrong. We all have our opinions and I respect that and so should everyone else. However, I'm more concerned about our freedom of speech as Americans. Should this woman have been stripped of her title for answering a question she was specifically asked, exercising her freedom of speech? Disregard whether you agree with her answer or not. Furthermore, knowing how controversial this subject is in our country should this question have even been allowed to be asked by the judges?

Personally, I don't believe the question should have been allowed. In regards to her answer, it's her opinion. They asked her what she thought of the subject and she gave an honest answer. Now, some may say that since she disagrees with the state of California's laws she was not fit to represent the state. However, maybe they should have found out that information before crowning her Miss California. The damage was already done. And I doubt she is the only Californian that believes gay marriage is wrong.

It is my opinion that, as Americans, our First Amendment rights are in jeopardy. Americans can hardly say what they feel these days without being in the middle of major controversy. Conservatives and Liberals. We can't say Christmas tree without someone of a different faith getting all bent out of shape. If you don't celebrate Christmas, that's your right. But Christians do and that's our right. Why, do you think, everything is taken so personally? Again, put aside all personal opinions about gay marriage or Christmas trees. Do you feel that, as an American, you can speak your mind freely to other people? Do you feel our First Amendment rights are in jeopardy?

You can ready about Carrie Prejean and all her controversy here.

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09 November 2009

God's Beauty

I'm always in awe of God's beauty this time of year. It is, by far, my favorite season. My family and I went to the park to enjoy an unusually warm day. The trees did not disappoint. Get out and enjoy the weather as well as God's beauty!


06 November 2009

Feature Friday

Today, I'd like to draw some extra attention to another friend's new business, Gabbey Designs. Ginna Abbey works with my husband at RJ Young but has started her own side business designing stationery and all sorts of other goodies. She truly has some unique ideas. It's almost time for Christmas cards so I thought this an appropriate feature today. Plus, I get to help out a friend. :) She will be doing the kids' birthday invitations and thank you cards so be on the lookout for those. You can learn more about Ginna and her designs here. Happy shopping!

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04 November 2009

Gift Ideas

For my 35th birthday, my husband and kids got me this very pretty bracelet from Pandora. Then the hubs proceeded to laugh at me because I had never heard of it. Apparently, it's a pretty big hit, but I had no idea. On the bracelet is a "K" for Keegan and a "P" for Presley, separated by a blue bead for their birth month. Extremely, thoughtful of the hubs and I know he had a little help so thanks, Ginna, if you're reading this. ;) Anyhow, I really love my bracelet and with the holidays quickly approaching thought I'd pass along the info and a pic for those of you looking for unique gift ideas. Click here to visit Pandora's website. Happy shopping!

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03 November 2009

My Favorite Thing - This Week

As I previously posted, I went out in search of some new clothes for myself and came across Lee Jeans new jeans and they are FABULOUS! If you are curvy, you gotta try them! They have no gap waistband, tummy control if you need it, etc. And when I went to their website just now to post a link for your viewing pleasure, I discovered they have a fit finder on their site to help you find the perfect jeans for your figure. I bought 3 pairs of these yesterday and will most likely buy more. They are so comfortable, affordable and finally no gaps in the waistband when accommodating for a more, shall we say, bootylicious side. ;) Finally, someone gets that all women are not a size 2. Seriously, GO BUY THESE JEANS!

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02 November 2009

Hot Mama?

My husband and I pretty much budget for everything. Recently, I requested a clothing budget for myself because I feel like my kids always look so stinkin' cute and then here comes their slob of a mom. I feel like a bum most of the time. Husband quickly obliged my request so this morning I thought it a good day to go out and do a little shopping for myself. The sun is shining and the temps are suppose to be around 70 degrees. It's a beautiful day to get out of the house with the kiddos. So as I'm getting ready for my expedition, I got to thinking about other moms/wives and wondered if they feel like I do. Then other questions started popping up in my head. Do other stay-at-home moms apply makeup daily, get dressed, get the kids dressed, etc. even if they're not going out for the day? I've always kinda considered it a waste if I have no plans to leave the house or receive visitors. I have days where I'm in my pj's all day - the kids too. But I do have friends that have their daily ritual of getting "made up" no matter what. And then there are all those infidelity reports that say if you don't take care of yourself and stay attractive for your man then he'll jump ship, fall off the wagon and into the arms of a more attractive coworker. The grass is always greener, right? Or wrong? Do the majority of women think that to be true? Honestly, I think the hubs could care less. He does compliment me when I dress nice or my makeup looks nice. So he notices. But I don't think for a second my husband would throw away our fantastic marriage and life with our two children for lack of daily makeup application. My 35th birthday is upon me and maybe I'm getting a bit on the paranoid side as I draw nearer to 40. FOURTY. It just sounds old, doesn't it?! Where did my twenties go? Honestly, I think it's what we make of it. Pay attention to the things that are really important and the minor details shouldn't matter. But what are your thoughts? Do you wear makeup? Do you wear it daily? Do you get dressed every day no matter what's on the agenda? Why or why not? Things to ponder....

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01 November 2009

Happy Halloween!

Here are my little trick-or-treaters - a pirate and a ladybug. To see all the Halloween picks, go to my family blog (link on the right to World of Noff). Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!


Pumpkin Carving

Because the kids have been sick, we carved pumpkins a little late this year. But we had a good time doing it. And I thought the pumpkins turned out really great. It was fun to be a little more creative this year with the pumpkins. Keegan was super excited about them. Hope you all had a little fun with pumpkins this Halloween!

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