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One Mom's Perfect Imperfection: Before & After

One Mom's Perfect Imperfection

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22 July 2010

Before & After

Before & after photos with Pixel Perfect today!  So, I tried to be original this week and try something I've never done before where my editing abilities are concerned and it was a big fat FAIL.  So I fell back on old faithful - layers.  I love layers and blending and they hardly ever steer me wrong.  Gonna have to do some practicing in PSE to be original next time.

Here is my SOOC shot, using my Canon Rebel T1i, 18-55mm lens:

I just love seeing the layers of the rose petals, but the color is a little bright and heavy on the eyes.  So I wanted to do something about that.

My edited shot:

So I really didn't do too much - added a black/white layer, added a another layer and played with the blending mode (can't remember which I used just now) and then a heavy vignette and rounded corners.  Subtle, but I think it softened the shot and makes it a little dreamier.  I used Photoshop Elements 8 for my edits.  

To see more before & after pics or to link up one of your own, head over to Pixel Perfect now by clicking the following logo:

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