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One Mom's Perfect Imperfection: Show Us Your Life - Meet Jes

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16 July 2010

Show Us Your Life - Meet Jes

So this isn't your average post you see here at One Mom's Perfect Imperfections.  Kelly's Korner is doing a singles link up and a friend brought it to my attention.  Now, said friend really wanted to link up but she is a big scaredy cat too shy to link herself up. SO.... after much hinting around on her part, I felt compelled to do it for her.  Jes is about to find out what happens when she leaves things in my hands.  I'm not a sit around and wait kinda gal.  And truly, all you single guys out there would be missing out if I were.  I've kinda taken Jes under my wing since we've met and have somewhat adopted her as my little sister.  And Big Sister is looking for a good, Christian man for Little Sister.  So a little about Jes in her own words...

I am a young, single, college educated, Mississippi Girl!  I grew up on the Mississippi Coast in a rural town. I have an amazing and supportive family that I am blessed to be apart of.  I am so blessed to have two precious little boys that call me Auntie, along with 2 Pups that call me Mom. 

About 2 years ago, I left home and all I knew and moved 9 hours from home to Savannah, GA, where I enrolled at Savannah College of Art and Design to finish my college career and achieve my degree Fine Arts in Interior Design. I will officially graduate from SCAD on August 28, 2010.  After the summer, I will be ready for the real world of finding a job and working to achieve my dreams for life.

I am a southern gal who loves God, family, blogging, writing, all things interior design, twitter, the beach, Mexican food, cooking, shopping, traveling, and spending time with my 2 pups.

This girl is oozing with talent, sweetness and all kinds of fun!  Better yet, she is motivated, a great cook, loves kids and oh yes, guys... she likes sports.  If you're interested and would like to learn more, please head over to Jes's blog to learn a little more about our southern gal and click the 'contact me' option in her menubar to send her an email.  Or feel free to leave a comment here - Jes will be watching this post, I'm sure.  So will Big Sister.  ;)

If you want to nominate a good single guy or gal, head over to Kelly's Korner now!

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