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One Mom's Perfect Imperfection: My Favorite Thing - This Week

One Mom's Perfect Imperfection

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03 November 2009

My Favorite Thing - This Week

As I previously posted, I went out in search of some new clothes for myself and came across Lee Jeans new jeans and they are FABULOUS! If you are curvy, you gotta try them! They have no gap waistband, tummy control if you need it, etc. And when I went to their website just now to post a link for your viewing pleasure, I discovered they have a fit finder on their site to help you find the perfect jeans for your figure. I bought 3 pairs of these yesterday and will most likely buy more. They are so comfortable, affordable and finally no gaps in the waistband when accommodating for a more, shall we say, bootylicious side. ;) Finally, someone gets that all women are not a size 2. Seriously, GO BUY THESE JEANS!

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