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One Mom's Perfect Imperfection: Sick Kids Trump Computer Time

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26 October 2009

Sick Kids Trump Computer Time

I haven't posted in several days due to two sick kiddos here at our house.  Presley started running a fever, seemed to recover and now Keegan is running a fever.  Looks like he will recover also.  I have been so paranoid about this swine flu epidemic that I began to panic as soon as I took Presley's temperature the first day.  But I don't think that's what got the kids down.  I'm not sure what they've come into contact with, but it hit Keegan harder than Presley.  We have never gotten flu vaccinations but this year we are ALL getting vaccinated.  We're just anxiously awaiting a new shipment to our area.  I think most who know me know that I am not usually paranoid about germs.  We do exercise good hand washing and sanitizing but I don't freak out if one of the kids eats something off the floor.  My kids are generally pretty healthy kids.  But I have to admit that this flu has got me a little freaked out.  I've been careful to spray everything down with lysol, religiously use Clorox wipes, etc.  I guess you just can't be too careful because both kids came into contact with something.  What about you and your family?  Are you getting vaccinated?  Are you a little more than freaked out about all of this flu talk?

Because both of the kids haven't felt well this weekend, they've been napping pretty good and actually napped at the same time one afternoon.  So I was able to get another scrapbook page done for Keegan's scrapbook.  This is when we first bought Keegan's sandbox.  Keegan was about 15 or 16 months old, I think and we were living in Hendersonville at the time.  Again, I'm way behind.  Hoping to start another page today!

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  • At October 26, 2009 at 1:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yes I am a germaphobic right now but not to the point that I am getting us flu shots. I hope they get to feeling better soon and stay well for the holidays! BTW your scrapbook page looks great, I can't do scrapbook stuff, I loose interest fast! I would much rather reupholster furniture! ;)


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