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One Mom's Perfect Imperfection: Getting Crafty - Drawstring Backpack

One Mom's Perfect Imperfection

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15 June 2010

Getting Crafty - Drawstring Backpack

I've been whining a bit lately about not being able to find time to sit down with my sewing machine.  Sunday, I finally found a bit of time while the kids played nicely with one another nearby.  I had an idea in my head that I wanted to try after seeing all these crafters crank out these cute little drawstring backpacks.  My kids love backpacks so I thought I'd try my novice hand at them.  How hard could it really be?  Turns out, it really wasn't all that difficult.  

I used scrap material just in case I screwed up entirely my first go and the pieces weren't really wide enough for the front and back of the backpack so I came up with the idea to make it like a quilting square and use two different pieces of material.  First, I cut my pieces into 5.5 x 7" squares - 4 pieces each.  I wanted something small for my 18 month old daughter to carry around.  But the size can be adjusted.

I then pinned the pieces and started sewing, wrong side of material up.

You should end up with 2 pieces that look like this (if you are doing the 2 different pieces of materials).

I then hemmed the edges - the bottom and sides only (not the top).  After those edges were hemmed I folded the top down about 2 inches and hemmed the edge leaving enough room to thread your string, cord, ribbon, whatever you're using through.  

I then sewed the bottom halves together and the sides - only up to your top edge still leaving the 2 inches from the top.  

I then set an eyelet on the bottom of each side.  I had an eyelet setter for scrapbooking but you could use a grommet setter if you have one instead.

Start threading your cord through.  I started by laying the backpack with the front facing me and threading the cord the bottom left corner leaving about 8 inches.  Then I took the other end of the cord and threaded it through the top on the backside, through the bottom right, through the top right  and then tying the two ends together and hiding the knot in the top hem.  

And here's Miss Presley's new drawstring backpack!

Again, the measurements can be adjusted.  I just wanted something small that fit my little princess.  She loves it!  Now Keegan wants one so I'll be making another for him.  Good times!

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