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08 June 2010

Shutter Love


I have been having a bit of a problem lately when it comes to coming up with original ideas for blogging topics.  I have really had a lot on my plate (or so it seems) these last few weeks.  But one thing that seems to always be the same is I take a lot of pictures.  That is consistent.  So if you are sick of seeing my pictures or reading about my camera, you are going to hate this post.  I'm linking up with Trendy Treehouse today for Shutter Love Tuesdays.  They have a different theme each week and this week is stuffed animals.  As soon as I read the theme this picture immediately came to mind...

We were in Gatlinburg, TN at The Aquarium.  Presley saw the stuffed penguins hanging above a concessions stand and immediately reached for them and signed "please".  So we had to get her one.  She sat down at the table and really looked him over good.  Then she picked him up, gave him a tight squeeze and a planted a kiss on his nose.  Lucky penguin.  

Click the logo above and head over to Trendy Treehouse to link up your own pics of stuffed animals. 

I am desperately trying to find some free time to do some crafts or cook up something tasty to blog about.   So all of you that aren't shutterbugs, don't give up on me just yet.  I promise I'll get something going soon!

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