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One Mom's Perfect Imperfection: Around the Town Tuesday - Best Food in Town

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04 May 2010

Around the Town Tuesday - Best Food in Town

Welcome to Around the Town Tuesday!  Today we're learning about the best food in town.  While my little town of Arlington is lacking in quantity of restaurants, we are not lacking in quality.  I had a hard time choosing my favorite.  But when I asked my husband what his favorite was he was like, are you kidding?  RIZZI'S!  Rizzi's is a great little Italian restaurant just minutes from our house (that's the great thing about living in a small town).  Their pizza is some of the best I've had.  There spaghetti & meatballs are probably right up there as well.  Seriously. Very tasty.

These are their garlic knots - covered in butter and tons of garlic.  They are delicious.  But if you are not a big fan of butter and garlic then you're crazy you probably should stick to the cheesy bread which is also very good.  The marinara sauce is awesome.  Not sweet, not too salty.  

The first time I had their spaghetti & meatballs, I have to admit that I was more than impressed.  The sauce was seasoned perfectly as were the meatballs themselves.  It was delicious and one of my husband's favorite dishes.

But here is the star of the show.  Their deluxe pizza is truly a work of art - in my opinion.  Mike goes on and on about the mushrooms and how they had to have been sauteed in butter and garlic first.  I don't do fungus mostly because of the texture.  But they do smell good.  The sauce is not sweet, just seasoned enough so you can still taste the pizza topping - all fresh and still with a slight crunch.  The crust is thing and crunchy.

Rizzi's is a little pricey but so much better than ordering Domino's.  I'd rather pay the price for this delicious slice of heaven any day.  

Now link it up and tell us about your favorite food in your town.  MckLinky will be up and at it until midnight tomorrow night - Wednesday, May 5th.  Don't forget to grab the code for your Around the Town Tuesday button by clicking the link in the menubar.  Remember, I'm on vacation but will try to get a look at everyone's posts and make some comments as soon as I can.  If there are any questions, contact me.  I'll have access to email.  If there are MckLinky issues,  please contact my bloggy pal, Jes at Exposing the Drapes to My 20's.  Thanks, y'all!

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