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One Mom's Perfect Imperfection: New Camera Play

One Mom's Perfect Imperfection

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26 April 2010

New Camera Play

Are you sick of hearing about my new camera yet?  I hope not.  I've been playing around with it a lot some and just had to share.  These are a SOOC shots (straight out of camera).  I did zero editing.  I didn't even watermark them so you wouldn't think I cheated.  Being a newbie to the DSLR world, I didn't think they were too terrible.  I still have lots to learn, I know.   And when you're stuck in doors with 2 sick kiddos, you're limited to the subject matter of my children and things sitting around my house.

I am having fun experimenting with the settings on this phat camera.  So fun!  I can't wait to go for a walk with it around the neighborhood with this baby.

Thanks for humoring me yet again.  Have a great week!

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