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One Mom's Perfect Imperfection: Around the Town Tuesday - Parks

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20 April 2010

Around the Town Tuesday - Parks

Welcome to our second Around the Town Tuesday post!  This week we are featuring the parks in your community.  To grab your Around the Town Tuesday button or read about Town Introductions (previous post), click the link above in the menubar.  We've extended MckLinky time to midnight, Wednesday, April 21st to give everyone more time.  Hope this helps!  Let's get it started!

My little town of Arlington, TN has one park, but it's really a great park.  Hughes-College Hill Park is where you'll find the majority or our community on pleasant days.  It's located very near our town square.  

There's a big, wide open space for frisbee, a friendly football game, or picnicking.

There is also and outdoor amphitheater down in a nice shady area of the park.  However, I don't believe this area has been used for much lately.  But the kids love to stomp around on it.

There are 3 total gazebos in the park.  You'll often see birthday celebrations held in one or more of these on a weekend.  These are the two smaller gazebos with only a couple of benches.

There are lots of gorgeous, mature trees throughout the park.  

This is the original playground.  There is a grill and picnic tables nearby.

We have a nice walking track with fitness stations along the way.  

And here is the third gazebo, the largest of the three in the park.  There are 2 large picnic tables and a grill nearby, great for an outdoor family event.

There is a lovely memorial dedicated to the citizens of Arlington who served in past United States wars.  

Hughes-College Hill Park is also home to the Playground of Dreams.  Now, this is kinda cool.  In 2006, Arlington residents as well as volunteers from other communities nearby came together to construct this awesome playground.  

This playground was conceived, constructed and named by the children of Arlington, TN  Below is their permanent stamp on their work.  A design firm from New York was brought in to make their ideas a reality.  It took months and months to complete the design itself and raise the money within the community to get ready to build it.  But it took only one week of vigorous work to complete the amazing project.

I, personally, love this at the entrance to the playground.  In mid to late summer, this trellis is covered by these honeysuckle bushes and they smell so good!  Reminds me of my childhood back in Kentucky.  Honeysuckle bushes were ample behind my grandparents' house.

If you know anything about Memphis, you'll know that FedEx is based here and is a major sponsor for many things.  Obviously, they were a big part in the Playground of Dreams project.  Keegan loves to play in this airplane.  

I also love that they have a few different touches - a tic-tac-toe board and chimes for some "lovely" music.

Gotta love that these are still around.  And still a hit with the kids!

And it's not really a playground without a tire swing, right?!

And swings galore.

While the kids love the playground, I love that there are big open spaces and trails to walk around and explore....

and experience nature....

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about my community park.  We sure love it and are very proud of it!  

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