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One Mom's Perfect Imperfection: Around the Town Tuesday - Next Post Information

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23 April 2010

Around the Town Tuesday - Next Post Information

Thanks so much to those of you who linked up for Around the Town Tuesday this week.  Jes and I loved seeing all of your parks and learning a little more about your surroundings.  Our next post day is Tuesday, May 4th and the subject is "best food in town".  Tell us, better yet SHOW us, what your favorite restaurant is in town and why.  Show us your favorite dish.  If you have more than one favorite restaurant, that's okay.  Show as many as you want!  Jes and I can't wait to see what's being plated up in your town.  We like to eat.  ;)

FYI... I will actually be on vacation with my family on this post date, but I'm going to do my post this weekend and schedule it and MckLinky for that day and pray it all goes off without a hitch.  But please excuse me if I don't comment right away. I'll do my best to check in when I can and catch up when the kiddos hit the hay that evening.  I'll also be sure to direct you to Jes in case there is an issue with MckLinky.  

Want more info about Around the Town Tuesday?  Click the link in the menubar or contact me.  See y'all on May 4th!

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