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26 March 2010

Photo Tag

Good morning, everyone and happy Friday to you! A couple of days ago, I was tagged by Heidi, author of the blog From 3 to 5 in a round of photo tag. She's a delight! Stop by and show her some love. The idea is to go to your first picture folder and post the tenth photo in that folder, giving the story behind the photo. So here's my tenth picture in my first folder. I think I actually have older ones tucked away in my archives, but here we go....

This is Keegan just days after he was born. He was fussing a bit in this picture and we couldn't help ourselves. Being new parents we snapped pictures of every mood, every sneeze, everything. But I think he was hungry when we snapped this one. Nice of us to snap pictures of our kid while he's crying instead of feeding him, huh?! Hard to believe this was almost 4 1/2 years ago. *sigh*

Now, I am to tag 5 more bloggy friends to do the same.

2. Christina @ Pooh's Corner
3. Ginna @ The Abbey Family
4. Molly @ The Snyder 5

Have fun with it!

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