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One Mom's Perfect Imperfection: Thoughts on Thursday

One Mom's Perfect Imperfection

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11 February 2010

Thoughts on Thursday

I have recently had the pleasure of getting back in touch with an old friend. I absolutely love catching up with old friends. So to be back in touch with her gave me the warm & fuzzies all over. Though it's been a very long time, we picked right back up where we'd left off as if no time had passed. I didn't realized how much I missed some of my old friends. New friends are great and can make some of the best. But there's really nothing like a friend from the past that knows your history, knows you at your best and your worst and still loves you just the same.

My warm & fuzzies were quickly replaced with feelings of sorrow and sympathy as I learned this old, dear friend was experiencing a divorce. With small children, she is desperately trying to hold it all together for them, for herself and just really needed a friend. I was touched deeply that she thought of me to lean on during this difficult time but sad that there was a need. Having not gone through a divorce myself, I can't empathize with the emotions she is abiding at present. I think I probably told her some things she didn't want to hear. That was arduous, but I didn't feel as if I'd be doing the word "friend" justice if I didn't say these things to her. I believe the words needed to be heard in order to start the healing process for herself as well as for her children. But still, a very difficult task when saying them to someone you care for and love. I know God has a plan for her and shared these same thoughts, but I'm not sure what her relationship is with God at present and definitely don't want to appear a bible thumper. I will pray for her and hope she puts her trust in God as well. While I am thrilled to have my friend back in my life, my heart is heavy. I pray that I, myself, will be a good friend to her. I pray that God will give me the right words.

Sunday is Valentine's Day. The holiday of love. Maybe a good time to reach out to an old friend and reconnect - feel those warm and fuzzies.

To ALL my friends, old and new, I love you deeply and would not be the person I am today without each of you.


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