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09 February 2010


I consider myself a wannabe when it comes to the latest fashion. I really wannabe up to date on the latest fashion trends and many of the looks I'd love to adopt into my own wardrobe. However, I am a stay-at-home mom of 2 small children and I sometimes have to remind myself to brush my teeth before noon. I'm all about comfort rather than style and sometimes I wish it were the opposite. But we are a single income family and I don't tend to spend a lot of money on clothes - at least not for myself. Still, I enjoy looking at the latest trends and it seems that many of Spring 2010 looks are much more practical than in the past.

One blog I follow, Scoutie Girl, has a blogger in residence posting occasionally and this particular guest blogger posted a new look she calls the "lunch date". I gotta say that I really like this look - the jeans, the really feminine blouse, the bag and the trench coat. I could totally see myself wearing this look. But I'm not sold on the flats craze. I'm all about comfort, but these just ruin the look for me. Am I the only flat snob out there? I just can't get into them. Now again, I realize my own shoe collection is probably lacking because I enjoy spending my money on my kids rather than my feet. My closet could definitely use some upgrading, so to speak. But still, I just can't get into the flats. I think if I were to go shoe shopping, I would pass on the flats.

You can check out Scoutie Girl's blogger in residence's post here. The blog itself is a great blog to follow. She posts about everything - very inspiring and a good read.

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