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One Mom's Perfect Imperfection: Vacation {Take Three} - Wrightsville Beach, NC Day 1

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21 May 2010

Vacation {Take Three} - Wrightsville Beach, NC Day 1

I took so many pictures while we were on vacation that I'm having to break them up even more than I had originally planned.  And because I keep up with two blogs and post as many pictures as I can of the kids on the family blog, I'm cutting it back a little here but wanted to post a few of my favorites from our first day at Wrightsville Beach, NC.  Feel free to click on over to my family blog to see lots more pictures of our first day.

Wrightsville Beach is just outside of Wilmington and it's a great little beach community that we enjoyed very much.  It's not too touristy and the beaches were clean and not overcrowded.  Though, the time of year we went probably had a bit to do with that.  This was the view from our condo.  Simply gorgeous.

The dunes were much higher here as compared to where we usually vacation, Gulf Shores, AL.  

Keegan had a great time on the beach and in the ocean, though the water was very chilly this time of year.  

Presley had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the sand and ocean.  She loved the idea of it but after having sand in every crevice and freezing her toes in the ocean, she'd grow tired of it towards the end of the day and welcomed a warm bath and clean, dry clothes.  It was very windy there, even the locals commented on it.  The wind, salt water and humidity did terrible things to a girl's hair.  I promise, we do brush it.  

This was something I had never seen before.  There were oyster beds EVERYWHERE there was mud.  I had no idea.  Usually you saw them right in front of where the boats docked along the river.  I was extremely intrigued by this and I have no idea why.  

This birdhouse was right next to where we were eating at a restaurant.  I think that was one of the reasons I loved this area.  It just felt very homey no matter where you went.  Little touches here and there reminded you of a small town.  Most of the restaurants along the river had docks where boaters could just pull up, dock their boat and eat.  I loved that.  

Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach is where Dawson's Creek was filmed.  So if you were a Dawson's Creek fan (I certainly was) then you will recognize a lot of the surroundings there.  There were other movies filmed there as well.  This area is actually called Hollywood East.  Just a little fun fact for you.

TGIF!  Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Weekend!

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