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One Mom's Perfect Imperfection: Back On Track

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01 March 2010

Back On Track

Good morning, everyone! Though it is Monday. Blah. The dishwasher is going, laundry underway and I've only had to heat up my coffee once so far.

The kiddos and I made it back to Memphis safe & sound and were very happy to see the hubs and sleep in our own beds. We had a fantastic time with our friends and family. Wish we could have brought them all back with us. But such is life. We took lots of great pictures and to see all of them you can visit my family blog here. I would like to share one incredible picture with you. This is a gorgeous Kentucky sunset. I spotted this behind my parents' house one night and couldn't resist. Doesn't it look like the sky is on fire? Incredible indeed.

I enjoyed some quality time with my precious great-grandmother. She had found a quilt my grandmother had been working on before she passed and gave it to me to finish. She gave me a quick tutorial and I'm hoping to do her proud. Again, visit my family blog to see pictures of her teaching me to quilt. I didn't want to bore those not interested (one of the reasons I keep a separate blog). I do, however, hope to post some before & after pictures of the quilt once I finish. I worked on it a bit last night and there is something extremely satisfying about using my hands to finish this quilt - a quilt my great-grandmother, my grandmother and now I have all worked on together. I'm feeling creatively empowered. I just might find myself inside a quilting store very soon. Now THAT'S something I never thought I'd hear myself say.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It's good to be back on track in the blogger world!

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